S.A.K International :: Daisy Products :: A nimble figure of Stationery Products

S.A.K International is a leading manufacturer and exporter of school and office stationery products in Pakistan. S.A.K International is engaged in the stationery field since 1999. The company was established by Mr. Saif-ul-Islam, Mr. Asif saeed, Mr. Kashif Saeed (S.A.K). S.A.K International has earned a well-deserved reputation in a stationery field that has fulfilled the requirements of different consumer preferences.

We regularly introduce new products and have established leading brand in a stationery field, DAISY. Our stationery products according to international standard. Our products have efficient quality, with excellent colors, wonderful shapes and attractive designs.

Our Plant is equipped with most modern machines .we have a policy of constantly updating our processes. We have a full fledged Sales and Marketing Division to cater to all the needs of our Domestic and Export Customers.
Our mission is providing quality products at reasonable prices. Because we think customer satisfaction is our earning.

S.A.K International :: Daisy Products :: A nimble figure of Stationery Products

S.A.K International launched its products with the Trademark of "Daisy". Daisy Products got a very good response from the market and within a few months daisy products achieved highest graph of customer's satisfaction.

We have a total manufacturing capability of 1.8 million gross of pencils per annum. All types of pencils are made at our plant which covers an area of 2 acres. These products include: graphite black lead pencils. colour lead pencils, charcoal sketching pencils, cloth marketing pencils, water colour pencils, Medical pencils, wet leather marketing pencils, checking pencils, glass marketing pencils, etc.

We are in compliance with health Requirement of BS EN- /BS part and ASTM D-4236.
Also we are using guaranteed ‘Halal’ raw material, free from lard. All materials used in manufacturing conform to the consumer protection laws and purity requirement of the above mentioned regulations.

We are proud to have carried Pakistan’s name as one of the countries manufacturing quality writing instruments. The fundamental goal has always been to make products that people will regularly use, depend on and enjoy.